a lot to consider

an awful lot of food for thought

In visiting Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire today, my mind is only more puzzled and concepts become more complex. Above are many various images from many various places that have been on my mind in recent times. It is a mixed bag because I am beginning to think that we should not dwell on the same matter for too long. I realise that so many images in one place at one time can be confronting and hard to process, as I found myself struggling to digest all the Dali that was stirring in my brain, so I'm sorry if this is a bit of a photo vomit.

Today I sat helplessly on a tram while one girl inspected me and my uniform. She scrutinized my hair, my eyes hidden behind glasses, my chapped lips, my blazer pocket, the contents in my hand, the way I composed myself, head to toe. This was unsettling, but how do you tell someone to stop? Is it hypocritical if I analysed her too, as she ate her aero bar, chocolate dropping to her lap, her skirt scrunched, her hair messy, her jumper lopsided, her face menacing, her eyes filled with curiousity and frustration.

Also on the tram were two boys who had just shoplifted from the local opportunity store. Why this was a good idea to them is lost on me. One boy then began to tag the seat opposite me with a less than visible marker. It was a shit tag - long, complicated and looked like someone could have done it even if their vision was impaired. I wanted to tell them that if they were going to do these things they should at least do it right - steal from the greedy and tag to be noticed, but I felt that such encouragement was not necessary. They will probably continue to be that stupid for a long while.

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